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Tech Skills
By: Haley Shoaf
Tech skills are constantly evolving. Knowing what the most modern skills needed for the job you want can be the difference in landing a position, and not.
Where to find tech jobs
By: Dan Lauer
Silicon Valley may be the tech industry's hub, but it's hardly the only place to find great jobs in the tech sector.
Technology Jobs by City
Anyone with even surface-level understanding of the tech industry knows that Silicon Valley -- that cluster of cities in and around the San Francisco Bay Area -- is the world's home for technology. However, other North American cities have significant and growing tech economies of their own. What's more, technology is at the heart of some of these cities ranking among the best for job seekers to get the most out of their wages. According to a new study , the second-best city for tech jobs is Seattle -- no surprise, given the Emerald City is home to Amazon and ...
IT Skills
Prospective employers seek the most skilled in various IT disciplines -- even for those candidates applying for jobs that might not necessarily fall under the IT label.
Meet The Talent Gaps In Tech Head-On
Mashable recently examined the 10 biggest talent gaps in the tech sector, highlighting positions hirers have difficulty filling. Many of these careers offer salaries exceeding six-figures, and all have favorable employment outlook opportunities. But high pay ties directly into the advanced skill sets necessary, which also explains talent gaps. The value of in-depth tech knowledge in today's marketplace cannot be overstated. Online connectivity has become so ubiquitous, it impacts virtually any career sector, not just IT. Cultivating digital know-how is important regardless of your career. But working in IT specifically might warrant building a skill set that can be turned ...
Skills Employers Need From IT Candidates
It doesn’t matter if executives want to bring on a technical co-founder or a chief information officer who will be onsite or if they wish to outsource their programming tasks, the issue is the same: “How do you know if a developer is any good if you don’t know how to write code?” Companies have to figure out the complexity level of their undertaking. Almost any programmer can handle simple websites, but many programmers who are very good at routine tasks cannot handle more complex ones. Complexity comes in two flavors, he said. Functional complexity occurs when you are building ...
Robots Designed To Help, Not Replace, Workers
A new generation of low-cost robots handles short runs in tight quarters. With so much attention focused on driverless cars, package-delivering drones, and scrambling, stomping, and slithering automatons, industrial robots remain mechatronics’ blue collar guys. They work several shifts each day, no complaints, doing the same repetitive job quickly and accurately. Universal Robots is one of several firms developing robots for this emerging market. It has more than 3,000 robots up and running, mostly in Europe. Another notable contender is Rethink Robotics, which was founded by iRobot innovator Rodney Brooks. CONTINUE READING AT ASME
Top Freelance Resources for IT Specialists
If you are an IT graduate or professional, earning money should not be a problem for you. That includes those without a full-time IT gig currently. Simply put, the market for independent and freelance IT work is lucrative, and opportunities are abundant. Working freelance can actually be more profitable than holding one, full-time job, because freelancers can take on multiple projects and negotiate their prices. However, the first rule of becoming a successful IT freelancer is to find resources where international clients post jobs daily. Two great outlets are the CareerCast IT Network and the CareerCast Temporary and Part-Time Jobs ...
Developers, Skill Upgrade Programs, Boost Asia Pacific Tech Jobs Outlook
Article taken from the IEEE Job Site/August 2016 © Copyright 2016 IEEE. There are still plenty of tech jobs in the Asia Pacific region (EEs, software engineers, computer engineers and scientists, IT specialists), but it’s almost a buyer’s market for software developers as companies struggle to keep pace with growing opportunities in mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity. The Asia Pacific is expected to lead developer population globally for the next several years, with India projected to reach four million in 2018. “We’re seeing how in the space of a year, the possibilities introduced by the Internet of Things ...
Bridging The STEM Jobs Skills Gap
There will be a dramatic shortage of job seekers for new career opportunities being created in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions in the coming years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The House of Representatives passed the STEM Jobs Act (H.R. 6429) in December, a program designed to offer more than 50,000 green cards to migratory technological workers with a doctorate or Master’s degree from an accredited American university in a STEM discipline. The legislation is meant to help companies meet their anticipated growing demand, and address the skills necessary for these positions. Among the ...