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Tech Skills
By: Haley Shoaf
Tech skills are constantly evolving. Knowing what the most modern skills needed for the job you want can be the difference in landing a position, and not.
Where to find tech jobs
By: Dan Lauer
Silicon Valley may be the tech industry's hub, but it's hardly the only place to find great jobs in the tech sector.
Technology Jobs by City
Anyone with even surface-level understanding of the tech industry knows that Silicon Valley -- that cluster of cities in and around the San Francisco Bay Area -- is the world's home for technology. However, other North American cities have significant and growing tech economies of their own. What's more, technology is at the heart of some of these cities ranking among the best for job seekers to get the most out of their wages. According to a new study , the second-best city for tech jobs is Seattle -- no surprise, given the Emerald City is home to Amazon and ...
IT Skills
Prospective employers seek the most skilled in various IT disciplines -- even for those candidates applying for jobs that might not necessarily fall under the IT label.
Meet The Talent Gaps In Tech Head-On
Mashable recently examined the 10 biggest talent gaps in the tech sector, highlighting positions hirers have difficulty filling. Many of these careers offer salaries exceeding six-figures, and all have favorable employment outlook opportunities. But high pay ties directly into the advanced skill sets necessary, which also explains talent gaps. The value of in-depth tech knowledge in today's marketplace cannot be overstated. Online connectivity has become so ubiquitous, it impacts virtually any career sector, not just IT. Cultivating digital know-how is important regardless of your career. But working in IT specifically might warrant building a skill set that can be turned ...
Destination States in the Tech Industry
Virginia is a winning region for jobs in the IT and engineering fields, as examined in the Best Jobs in Virginia 2013 report. But it’s not the only state with a wealth of opportunity for those with a technical expertise. Some of the nation’s top states for IT job seekers are synonymous with the industry, but a few unexpected destinations are powering the 21st Century’s move toward a more telecommunicative world. California The Golden State is the home of Silicon Valley, the birthplace and global hub of computing technology. The Bay Area has had its ups and downs, including ...
Best Jobs in IT and Engineering
If you are looking for a career with abundant job opportunities and a lifetime of healthy earnings, look no further than the technology and engineering fields. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that more than seven million Americans are employed in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers. Yet demand continues to be very high among employers to hire more technical experts, and there's no sign of that demand falling anytime soon. STEM careers are the foundation of the Knowledge Economy , a term coined in a 2004 Stanford University study. And the jobs in these industries power our world -- ...
Skills For IT Careers That Don't Require Tech Knowledge
Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. economy. In fact, there’s a talent shortage in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, which means that of the predicted 1.4 million STEM jobs that will be available by 2020, there will be a shortage of talent for about 1 million positions — or 70%. with the competition for employees heating up, many employers are looking outside Silicon Valley for promising talent. American job seekers aren’t just competing with those residing in major tech hubs; they’re competing against any qualified job applicant with a high-speed Internet connection ...
Inside NASA With Paid Internships
The engineers at the front end of any product or project tend to get the bulk of the kudos handed out at completion. But the ultimate safety and success of any given project is dependent on those who use and create the tools of for independent verification and validation. Young engineers and programming prodigies with an interest in the crucial world of independent verification and validation can get a taste of it at NASA. And they’ll get paid. The agency has a summer internship available for 20 high school students and 10 college students. The students work on real projects ...
IT Jobs Moving To The Midwest
Large corporations looking to outsource their information technology or software development services increasingly pass over India and the Philippines to find help in places like Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa. It's still outsourcing, but it's the opposite of “off-shoring.” “It is probably the hottest concept that's going on in the sourcing industry,” Eurek said. “It's going to have high growth rates over the next few years.” The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals called rural sourcing one of the top 10 industry trends for 2013. Wednesday, a Minneapolis-based rural sourcing firm announced it would open a $10 million technology center in ...