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Juggling Life And Work In IT
The United States is one of the worst countries for a work-life balance, reveals a recent report from the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. In IT, finding this elusive balance can be even more challenging with the constant call of technology and various mobile devices — but it is possible with the right employer and position. If you're searching for a new IT job, here are some specifications to look for to find more balance between your work and personal life. Flexible options Flexible jobs are becoming more common in IT. According to a report from Gensler, employees who ...
Computing Jobs Driving New Generation Of Students
High school seniors nationwide are preparing to graduate, receiving college acceptance letters and possibly enrolling in a college or university. The challenging economy has made many of these young adults acutely aware of the important role their degree can play when they face commencement once again, this time entering the job market. Some schools offer degree programs that address the skills required to enter fast-growing fields, such as cyber security, cloud computing, health care and accounting — U.S. News & World Report included accounting in its ranking of 25 Best Jobs in 2012. This strong connection to a promising career ...
Computing Technology Changes In The Next Five Years
Since 2006 at about this time IBM comes out with five predictions, dubbed 5-in-5, about how technology will affect the world within five years. Each year the predictions look at how technology innovations will change the way people work, live, and play within the next five years. They are based on market and social trends combined with ideas from the thousands of biologists, engineers, mathematicians and medical physicians in IBM research labs around the world. Anything that suggests change also means opportunities. IT consultants should thrive on change. This is your cue to step up and offer ideas, strategy, and ...
Learning Programming Is A Long-Term Investment
It's safe to say that many people's New Year's resolutions include "learn programming." If you're one of them, what are your odds of succeeding? Not very high. According to SkilledUp, a curator of information about online classes and boot camps related to programming, only 5% of people make it all the way through an online programming course, although 10% complete it if they pay for it. It gets worse. Experts say that even if you complete an online coding class, you're still not close to being prepared for a job in the industry. "The myth that anyone can wake up ...
Robotics Growing In The Workplace
The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) expects new installations of industrial robots to reach 200,000 units in 2014, and grow 12 percent annually between 2015 and 2017. That would boost the world’s industrial robot population to more than 2 million in 2017. In 2013, the latest year for which the organization has complete data, sales of industrial robots rose 12 percent, to 178,132 units worth $9.5 billion. IFR’s data comes from projections of its members, the world’s top robot manufacturers. The data include robots, but not peripherals (grippers, welders, cameras, and the like), software, and systems engineering. Those installed costs, ...