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Highest Paying Locations For Software Developers
Seattle is home to Microsoft, and Silicon Valley is home to Apple — that much is obvious. But if you want to see where the rest of America's developers live, you'll need to take a bit of a road trip. While California boasts the highest number of developers of any U.S. state (followed by Texas, New York and Washington), the Northeast takes the top regional spot when it comes to average salary, with $89,318. Washington, however, reigns supreme as the individual state with the highest salary: an average of $109,244. There's only one landlocked state that made the top 10 ...
Tips To Write A Stand-Out Engineering Resume
Hiring managers and recruiters alike say they've seen more poorly written resumes cross their desks recently than ever before. Attract more interview offers and ensure your resume doesn't eliminate you from consideration by following these six key tips: 1. Format Your Resume Wisely "Do the Hiring Managers" Work for Them No matter how well written, your resume won't get a thorough reading the first time through. Generally a resume gets scanned for 25 seconds. Scanning is more difficult if it is hard to read, poorly organized or exceeds two pages. Use a logical format and wide margins, clean type and ...