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Database Administrator Shines in Current Economy
Employment growth in the IT industry is running ahead of the national curve, and the greatest beneficiary seems to be database administrators (DBAs), according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Employment rates for careers in the IT field tend to run from 3% to-6% below the national average. Database administrators have the lowest IT unemployment rate at 1.5%, while programmers have the highest at 4.6%. The BLS estimates a long-term positive employment outlook for DBAs, with projected growth of 31% by 2020, and a healthy median salary of $73,490. “Rapid growth in data collection by businesses, as well ...
Cloud Technology Is Not One Size Fits All
The promise of the cloud is simple: You have all of your stuff — your photos, your documents, and even preferences for apps — available anywhere, anytime, from any device. You don't think about this. You just know it's up there, in that metaphorical "cloud" (really, a bunch of data centers accessible via the internet). If you want to show a friend a snapshot from 10 years ago, you've got it right there on your phone or computer. You want to retrieve a Word document? Yes, you can edit it right on your tablet. Your notes, your playlists and your ...
Projecting Technological Changes To Society In The Next 50 Years
Inspired by the 1964 Worlds Fair expo, which brought together leaders in science and technology to project everything from the jobs market to daily life 50 years in the future, IEEE examines how technology could shape the landscape by 2064. Eight possible advances could change how we work, communicate and live. CONTINUE READING AT IEEE.ORG
Teaching The Past, Building The Future
What is the history of engineering about? The “eureka” moments of unusual men and women Groups, tribes, and gangs of creative geeks Robust, durable, and adaptive institutions All of the above Much time is spent on debating how best to approach the history of engineers and engineering. The stakes are high: Those who define the story of the past inevitably influence the present and the future. Yet telling the story of bygone engineers is difficult because the answer to the above question often says more about who gives the quiz than who takes it. READ MORE AT IEEE
Getting Ahead on Technological Updates in the Workplace
Tech breakthroughs are making our lives easier — both in and out of the office. Ever-improving Apple continues to launch new versions of the iPhone. Wearable tech now employs apps to tell us what stresses us out and what makes us happy. And thanks to technology, more companies are offering telecommuting options to employees, according to a recent SHRM study. Yet, amid all these improvements, only a meager 27% of American employees have access to the latest technology in the workplace, according to Oxford Economics' Workforce 2020 report. Now that millennials, who grew up using new technology, are becoming decision-makers ...