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By: Kyle Kensing

If you are looking for a career with abundant job opportunities and a lifetime of healthy earnings, look no further than the technology and engineering fields. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that more than seven million Americans are employed in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers. Yet demand continues to be very high among employers to hire more technical experts, and there's no sign of that demand falling anytime soon.

STEM careers are the foundation of the Knowledge Economy, a term coined in a 2004 Stanford University study. And the jobs in these industries power our world -- both in an economic and literal sense.

The number of jobs in these fields where demand outstrips supply is huge, and each allows you to stay on the cutting edge of society. In fact, the current digital revolution ensures that almost every STEM job will allow you to expand your skills and expertise as your career progresses.

Consider biomedical engineers, for example, a new addition to our Jobs Rated report this year. Biomedical engineering is the eighth most popular major among Generation Y college graduates and students, according to a study. Awaiting those students is a profession that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates will grow by 62% over the next decade.

Dr. Dawn Elliott of the University of Delaware’s Biomedical Engineering Department says that it’s a great career and attractive to motivated students.

“We do have the best and brightest students coming into the major, and it’s extremely competitive to get into,” she says.

It’s also an attractive option for women. Elliott says University of Delaware’s biomedical engineering student body is approximately 40% female, nearly double the Census Bureau’s estimated percentage of women working in engineering fields in 2011.

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Biomedical Engineer

1. Biomedical Engineer

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Biomedical engineers work closely with physicians, researchers, manufacturers and sales associates. The profession will play a profound role in healthcare improvements in the coming years, which will fuel the profession’s astounding growth in job opportunities and compensation.

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