In-Demand IT Skills, and Where to Gain Them

IT Skills

Prospective employers seek the most skilled in various IT disciplines -- even for those candidates applying for jobs that might not necessarily fall under the IT label. 

A recent survey named the 10 most in-demand tech skills employers seek. For those looking to gain a competitive advantage in the job market, knowing these skills can make all the difference. That also means knowing where to gain these skills. 

The facets of Microsoft Office -- Excel, PowerPoint and Word -- rank as the No. 1, 2 and 3 most in-demand skills. Whether you're a novice, or have experience working with this software but look to hone your abilities, where better to learn than direct from the source? Microsoft offers online training in its products. 

Some of the more nuanced skills that are high-demand include SQL, Java and Python. Here's where high-level IT proficiency comes into play. While it certainly helps to have studied these skills as an undergraduate, it's never too late to start training. 

Local colleges offer specialized programs in SQL, Java, Javascript and Python. Hours are often flexible to accommodate full-time work schedules. For those who prefer studying at home, there are an abundance of online programs. Microsoft has its own starting point, tailored to varying skill levels.