Learning Programming Is A Long-Term Investment

Learning Programming Is A Long-Term Investment

It's safe to say that many people's New Year's resolutions include "learn programming." If you're one of them, what are your odds of succeeding?

Not very high. According to SkilledUp, a curator of information about online classes and boot camps related to programming, only 5% of people make it all the way through an online programming course, although 10% complete it if they pay for it.

It gets worse. Experts say that even if you complete an online coding class, you're still not close to being prepared for a job in the industry.

"The myth that anyone can wake up one day, attend a bootcamp and graduate into a six-figure salary is misleading," said Daniel Daks, product manager at SkilledUp. "I have yet to meet a learner who has gone from complete novice to professional developer through a single learning product."