Three Locations Booming With Tech Job Opportunities

Three Locations Booming With Tech Job Opportunities

New Jersey’s technology sector has grown enough to put the state in the same league as California, Texas, Virginia and New York, according to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

New Jersey tech jobs that the BLS categorizes as "computer systems design and related services" have grown 5.2 percent since December. The state added 3,600 new tech jobs by through June, according to the bureau's data.

The growing availability of tech positions in the state has outpaced that of several East Coast neighbors, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. Read more at

Meanwhile, tech employment in Oregon hit 60,100 in July, the first month above 60,000 in seven years, according to new state data. While tech jobs are still well below their dot-com era peak, the latest job numbers show Oregon's tech sector is at its strongest since 2006. Read more at

In the southeast, a sense of urgency and the knowledge that any potential brain drain will hurt the tech businesses that remain has driven the tight-knit tech community of Chattanooga into hiring action.

"It speaks volumes about how far Chattanooga has come that when something like this happens and a company goes under and folds that the economy and market here is so hungry for talent," said Jack Studer, a partner at startup incubator Lamp Post Group. Read more at The Times Free Press.