Top Freelance Resources for IT Specialists

Top Freelance Resources for IT Specialists

If you are an IT graduate or professional, earning money should not be a problem for you. That includes those without a full-time IT gig currently.

Simply put, the market for independent and freelance IT work is lucrative, and opportunities are abundant.

Working freelance can actually be more profitable than holding one, full-time job, because freelancers can take on multiple projects and negotiate their prices.

However, the first rule of becoming a successful IT freelancer is to find resources where international clients post jobs daily.

Two great outlets are the CareerCast IT Network and the CareerCast Temporary and Part-Time Jobs Network.

We have some other resources to help get your freelance IT work search on track:

This website targets graphic designers all around the world. Users can put their talent at work here, as this is not a simple freelancing job source. Rather, it works like this:

  • International clients post a variety of jobs – logo design, brand identity, logo and website, packaging design, T-shirt design and even book cover
  • Freelancers get enlisted on the job, and they receive the task’s requirements and details
  • Every freelancer starts working and tries his best to create the most appealing design
  • Freelancers submit the completed task
  • The client chooses the product he likes best and the winner gets the money.

If you like challenges, visit This is the perfect place to test one's creative and tech skills. Also, users will be able to see where they stack up against thousands of other international graphic designers.

Companies have learned the hard way that it is beneficial to outsource programming assignments.

For this reason, managers will contract programmers only on a need basis. is a quality resource that connects freelancers with these particular companies.

Receiving a project from is simple. Providers must simply follow these steps:

  • Find a job and send a bid, which bid contains the total wage you are willing to complete the project for, as well as any a summary of your skill set.
  • Upon hire for a project, he/she must begin immediately and ensure a high quality of work.
  • Users can request milestone payments, wherein the client sends payment to the website for immediate release upon completion.

This website hosts all sorts of freelance jobs, including a catalog of positions specific to IT professionals: IT & Networking, Design & Creative, Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Data Science & Analytics.

Tasks are posted hourly, so it is almost impossible not to find the perfect freelance job for you -- not to mention, the clients' budgets are typically generous!

The application process is simple:

  • First, users create a profile mentioning their studies and experience in the field
  • Next, they start looking for jobs and sending bids
  • The bids contain the wage users are seeking for and some background on how they are going to complete the task
  • When chosen, freelancers start working – it is vital to complete premium quality products and to deliver them according to the deadline
  • Clients release the payment after they have checked the task and everything is just perfect.

Yes, IT specialists can earn plenty just from freelancing. Just remember that these jobs are not like full-time positions -- it's not the time passing that matters, but the quality of the product delivered that determines your pay.

If you are talented and hard-working, clients will keep coming back to you with new projects every day.