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Research Scientist & Postdoc Fellow for AI, Robotics, Computer Vision, Smart Cloud, IoT,

Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Society
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518000
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    1st Shift

Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Society



  • Organization

Established in Shenzhen, one of the most dynamic and miracle-creating cities in the world, Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Society (AIRS) is an institute for fundamental and applied researches in artificial intelligence and robotics (AIR). It creates a brand new mode, combining top university resources, international collaborations, industrial demands, investment support, and incubation motivations, etc.

AIRS will be one active and constructive member in the global research community, endeavoring to develop and promote AIR technologies and to make them available for the society like air to human beings. Within the first half year, AIRS has built up a highly qualified team, including 12 faculty members with 6 IEEE Fellows, in areas of machine learning, robotics, computer vision, cloud computing, Internet of Things, networking, AI applications, etc. We are looking for more talents to join and grow in AIRS.



作为深圳市政府设立的十大基础研究机构之一,深圳市人工智能与机器人研究院(Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Society,以下简称AIRS)依托香港中文大学(深圳),联合多个世界顶级研究机构, 以全新模式设立。AIRS的目标是建立世界一流的人工智能与机器人领域的研究院。

通过中外科学院院士和顶级专家们组成顾问、学术和产业委员会, AIRS将重点开展人工智能与机器人的基础、共性、关键技术研究,包括但不局限于机器学习、计算机视觉、智能机器人、群体智能、智能云计算与物联网,以及人工智能在工业、医疗、金融等方面的应用。



  • Research Center

1. Research Center on Generalized AI Applications

Directed by: Prof. Shipeng Li, Prof. Xi Zhu

2. Research Center on Computer Vision

Directed by: Prof. Dapeng Zhang, Prof. Rui Huang

3. Research Center on Crowd Intelligence

Directed by: Prof. Jianwei Huang

4. Research Center on Intelligent Robots

Directed by: Prof. Tin Lun Lam, Prof. Zhenglong Sun

5. Research Center on Internet of Things and Smart Cloud

Directed by: Prof. Kai Hwang

6. Research Center on Machine Learning and Applications

Directed by: Prof. Hongyuan Zha

7. Research Center on Special Robots

Directed by: Dr. Ning Ding

8. Research Center on Unmanned Systems

Directed by: Dr. Yongquan Chen

9. Research Center on Extended Reality

Directed by: Dr. Tian Dihong



1. 普适人工智能应用研究中心

中心主任: 李世鹏院士、朱熹教授

2. 计算机视觉研究中心

中心主任: 张大鹏教授、黄锐教授

3. 群体智能研究中心

中心主任: 黄建伟教授

4. 智能机器人研究中心


5. 物联网与智能云研究中心


6. 机器学习与应用研究中心


7. 特种机器人研究中心


8. 无人系统研究中心


9. 扩展现实研究中心


To watch further information, please see from:https://airs.cuhk.edu.cn/en/content/12760




  • Position Rank
  1. Senior Research Scientist
  2. Research Scientist
  3. Associate Research Scientist
  4. Assistant Research Scientist
  5. Post Doc Fellow
  6. Research Assistant

岗位 - 研究类

1.  高级研究员 - Senior Research Scientist

2.  研究员 - Research Scientist

3.  副研究员 Associate Research Scientist

4.  助理研究员 Assistant Research Scientist

5.  博士后 - Post Doc Fellow

6.  研究助理 - Research Assistant

  • Requirements for Research

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Complete research on related topics and publish high-quality academic papers;
  2. Manage research team in accomplishing research projects;
  3. Assist in the declaration of funding projects.

Qualifications and Requirements

  1. A PhD degree of automation, mechanical, electronic, computer science and other related professional qualifications;
  2. Experience in relevant research projects is preferred;
  3. Experience in presiding over or participating in national level scientific research projects;
  4. Passion in building up a research institute with international standard;
  5. Work actively, with a strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, good language expression, and communication skills. 


  1. 依据研究院的科研发展规划,共同招募或管理、指导研究团队的相关研究工作;
  2. 完成相关课题研究,发表高质量的学术论文;
  3. 管理研究团队完成研究项目;
  4. 协助申报资助项目。


  1. 相关专业硕士/博士学位;
  2. 有相关研究项目经验者优先;
  3. 主持或参与国家级科研项目的经验;
  4. 对建设具有国际水准的研究机构充满热情;
  5. 工作积极主动,责任心强,有团队合作精神,良好的语言表达能力和沟通能力。英语熟练。


  • Competitive Salary Package

The compensation package is highly competitive according to international standards. Strong candidates will be recommended for concurrent academic appointments in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen.


  1. 与大牛一起工作、学习、自我增值的机会;
  2. 人工智能、高科技、国际化的学习及工作氛围;
  3. 具有全球竞争性的薪酬福利;
  4. 舒适、愉悦的办公环境,配备图书馆、健身房,跑步道,另提供食堂餐券、下午茶及安排生日会等。

  • Application

Application Procedure

To apply, please send the following application documents (in English) to talents-airs@cuhk.edu.cn with the subject line "Name - Title - PI Name". Review of applications/nominations will begin immediately and will continue until the post is filled.

  1. Full CV with:
  • Please indicate your representative work as the first author or correspondence author;
  • Published journals, Impact Factor and citations (Web of Science);
  • If the paper is listed in the Highly Cited Papers or Hot Papers of Essential Science Indicators (ESI), please also indicate inside;
  1. PDF copies of representative publications;
  2. Other supporting materials. For example: all published papers, published journals, Impact Factor and citations (Web of Science).


请发送简历、包括研究领域及研究兴趣简介、获取的研究成果和其它相关材料到 talents-airs@cuhk.edu.cn ,邮件主题命名为“名字-应聘岗位-研究中心名称”。

研究成果请包括申请人为第一作者或通讯作者的代表作,发表期刊、Impact Factor以及论文被引用数(Web of Science),如论文入选Essential Science IndicatorsESI)的Highly Cited Papers或者Hot Papers,请标明.

1.      Senior Research Scientist

2.      Research Scientist

3.      Associate Research Scientist

4.      Assistant Research Scientist

5.      Post Doc Fellow

6.      Research Assistant



Posted: 2020-10-23 Expires: 2020-11-22

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Research Scientist & Postdoc Fellow for AI, Robotics, Computer Vision, Smart Cloud, IoT,

Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Society
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518000

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